Arastta vs Zen Cart

Arastta comparison

What makes Arastta better?

Let's see what makes Arastta more reliable and better platform to run your eCommerce website. We compare some of the most important features of Arastta with Zen Cart software.

Read below for more details and we are sure that you will love Arastta

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Arastta provides great and useful built-in features. Here is a short list: Managed Cloud hosting, one-click update, easy admin interface, Facebook Store, Theme Customizer, support, backup and more

16 reasons to use Arastta



Zen Cart

Open Source

Ability to access to all files and database on the cloud service

Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting you can install and configure your store in seconds. No need to maintain, update or manage your hosting

No Transaction Fee

Speed & High Performance

High speed is one of the most important measurements for Google and other search engines. Don't make your customers wait.

0.54 second

2.8 second


Effective and efficient support from the experts or developers of the software

Professional support via live chat/tickets

Community support

Backup & Restore

Automated and regular backups, storing and restoring with one-click

Update & Maintenance

Software, service, hosting and server updates and/or maintenance

One-click / Auto update and maintenance

You are all on your own

Easy Management

An easy admin (back-end) interface to manage your store easily

Basic and Advanced mode

One complicated interface

Mobile App

Free and Official mobile app for iOS or Android to manage your stores anywhere and anytime

App Store

Built-in extension marketplace where you can install, uninstall, purchase extensions without downloading and leaving the admin panel

Facebook Store

Facebook Store feature lets you publish your store's categories and products on your Facebook page

Theme Customizer

Customize your themes via easy options, preview them and save on the fly and without writing any line of code.


Ability to create multiple store instances under on installation

Import & Export

Ability to import or export store datas (products, categories, customers etc)

Advanced SEO

Advanced and multilingual SEO features and options to get your store listed on the top of the search results

Advanced Security

Advanced security features and measurements to avoid most of the attacks

PDF Invioce & Send

Ability to generate PDF invoices and send them via email

Simple Checkout

An intuitive and UX friendly checkout process

Email Templates

Multi-lingual, email template management and customization

Free eCommerce

Use the software or service for free of charge lifetime

Don't worry! If you decide to move your current Zen Cart store to Arastta, we can migrate all of your products, orders, customers and even your design (theme)

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