Arastta Cloud

The service offered at arastta.com

Arastta Download

The software downloaded from arastta.org

What is Arastta Cloud?

Arastta Cloud is the only Open Source eCommerce Cloud service available to build an online store and start selling with ease.

What is the difference between Arastta Download and Arastta Cloud?

Arastta Cloud is the Arastta Download put in the cloud for you so that you won’t have to install and maintain it, we cover it for you. Focus on your sales, and let us handle the rest.

Why should I use Arastta Cloud instead of Arastta Download (self-hosting)?

An excellent question! We've created a very handy little comparison chart to help answer this question.

Is there any code change applied to Arastta Cloud, not available in Arastta Download?

Absolutely not! It’s the same Arastta code in the cloud.

Is the admin panel of Arastta Cloud different from Arastta Download?

No, it’s the same panel. As said, it’s the same Arastta.

Can I access my files on Arastta Cloud?

Yes you can! We provide you FTP access for all files, not only HTML/CSS but also PHP.

Can I access my database on Arastta Cloud?

Sure, at any time you want.

Can I access my emails on Arastta Cloud?

Yes, we provide a web based interface and IMAP/POP3 details to access from Gmail, Outlook, Mobile etc.

I use Arastta Download, can I move to Arastta Cloud?

Yes, for sure. We do offer such a migration service for free. Here you can send us the details.

Can I switch to Arastta Download if I’m not satisfied by Arastta Cloud?

We would be sorry to hear that but yes, you can always move your store to Arastta Download, without any loss.

Can another Arastta Cloud account see my data (by accident)?

Absolutely no, everything is isolated per user into different containers.

What hardware do you use?

Drool-Worthy Hardware. Industry-leading native SSD drives, 10Gbit network and Intel E5 processors for optimal performance.

Is Arastta Cloud secure?

Absolutely. We use high level security practices to ensure your data is kept fully secure.

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