Arastta 1.3 version is out

It's always excited to meet with a new version of a software which brings lots of new features and improvements. And Arastta 1.3 [Kastamonu] version is one of them because it brings tons of new features, improvements, changes and bug fixes...

We can divide all updates into 3 main categories: eCommerce (store), Management (back-end) and System (infrastructure). You can find detailed information about what's new and improved below. But before that, I want to mention about this version's name, Kastamonu. Kastamonu is a city which is the homeland of our very own developer Cüneyt, who contributed a lot for Arastta 1.3 version. We also would like to thank everybody who involved in this release by contributing, reporting, testing, translating, suggesting features and ideas...

Now let's see what's new in Arastta 1.3 version:

Your current Arastta store has been automatically updated to 1.3 version, unless you've selected to not.


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