Arastta Official Mobile Apps

Arastta is pleased to announce its official mobile app for iOS and Android. It's now more easier to manage and update your Arastta store from anywhere, at anytime.

After months of work, last month we have released Arastta official iOS app on AppStore and the last week Arastta Android app took its place on Google Play Store.

What you can do with App

  • View orders stats with visiual graph
  • Filter stats by "today", "monthly" and "yearly"
  • Add unlimited stores
  • Switch between stores easily
  • Manage store details and options
  • View latest orders and their details
  • Filter orders by "today", "monthly" and "yearly"
  • Search orders
  • View all products and their details
  • Search products
  • View all customers and their details
  • Filter customers by "today", "monthly", "yearly"
  • Search customers

Arastta is responsive and compatible with mobile devices by its DNA, so we would like to hear back from our community about our official app to make it better and useful for everyone.

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