How to access phpMyadmin

Arastta is the first and the only fully open source cloud eCommerce platform which allows you to access all files and database tables of your store.

Managing the database tables is an essential part of the web development. And it's very easy to access your Arastta store's database via Arastta Cloud dashboard. First of all make sure that you logged in to your Arastta Cloud account.

Then navigate to your Dashboard and switch to your store which you want to access its phpMyadmin.


If you have paid plans (Starter, Premium or Business) and in case one of them is expired, the domains will not be displayed in the dropdown list until you renew the expired plan.

Then click on the Manage store link.

You will see Database module where you can see a link to your phpMyadmin panel. When you click on this link, it will redirect you to the phpMyadmin and you will be automatically logged in.

Cloud phpMyadmin

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You can sign in with the same email and password for Arastta websites: