How to add new FTP account

When you signup for one of the Starter, Premium or Business plans, a welcome email will be sent to your email address with all the necessary informations and credentials. You can find your FTP details in that mail.

In case you need another FTP account, you can create it easily from your Dashboard. Just switch to your desired domain (store) from the dropdown list and click on the Manage store link.

Choose store

Then, you can click on the (plus) icon to add new FTP address.

FTP Management

A modal window will be opened with a form where you can specify your new FTP account's details, account name and password.

FTP Details

How to change current FTP account's password

On the same page where you add the new account, you can edit one of the current FTP account's password. Just click on the (pencil) icon to edit its password.

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Single Sign-in

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